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Allan Moffat’s Mustang on Warwick Farms ‘Northern Crossing’, 30 April 1972…

In a country obsessed with touring cars this is one of, if not the most revered of all, even though it never won the Australian Touring Car Championship.

A rare beast, one of 7 ‘factory’ built cars for the 1969 TransAm Championship which Moffat commenced racing in Oz that year.

I am not a ‘taxi racing’ guy but this car is on my ’10 racing cars I would love to own’ list. Still in Australia thank goodness, in the tender loving hands of David Bowden.

This excellent article was written for ‘Australian Muscle Car’ magazine by Mark Oastler and is ‘definitive’, the best i have read on this great car.

moffat wf

Moffat in search of the apex…Warwick Farm, Sydney, 9 July 1972. (lyntonh)


Moffat Sandown

Moffat Calder


wirra, lyntonh both via The Nostalgia Forum, Stephen Dalton Collection