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Ayrton Senna amongst the flowers and fields of Zeltweg, 200 km South East of Salzburg…

Nigel Mansell won the race from teammate Nelson Piquet , Senna, finished 5th after stalling at the restart and running up the chuff of Michele Alboreto’s Ferrari, a pit stop necessary to replace a damaged front wing.

Piquet won the ’87 World Championship in his Williams FW11B Honda, Sennas’ Lotus 99T similarly powered.

Senna had 2 wins back to back in Monaco & Detroit early in the season , but ,dissatisfied with the performance of the Lotus ,left for McLaren at the seasons end and starting the bitter rivalry with Alain Prost …

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Senna victorious in his Lotus 99T Honda, Monaco ’87

san marino

San Marino pitlane ’87. Ayrton Senna , Lotus 99T Honda…2nd in the race won by Mansell’s Williams Honda