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No ‘Tom Toms’ in those days! Superb PR shot shows the beautiful lines to great effect…

Not too many of the 1400 cars didn’t end up in the US , the cars of Sophia Loren & Pablo Picasso exceptions.

The road going variant of Rudi Uhlenhauts ’52 Le Mans winning 300SL was the most advanced road car of its day ; space frame chassis, the gull-wing doors necessary to clear the frame side members, front and rear independent rear suspension and dry-sumped, fuel injected 240 BHP 3 litre straight 6 cylinder engine made it the fastest road going car of its day as well…and one of the sexiest.

A bit like Sophia Loren really.


slr build

Factory SLR build shot shows off the cars spaceframe chassis, engine, front and rear suspension and big drum brakes to good effect (unattributed)




Cutaway Shin Yoshikawa, Vic Berris