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Fitch HWM 'The Racers'

John Fitch crashes his HWM into the straw bales during the filming of ‘The Racers’ in 1954…

Cameraman Frank Phillips catches the action as ‘Gino Bergesa’ played by Kirk Douglas crashes his privateer HWM. ‘The Racers’ was a Hollywood film based on the book ‘The Racer’ written by Hans Ruesch a successful pre-war Grand Prix driver.

This photograph by Erde is in ‘Automobile Year’, neither book nor film are familiar to me but both appear to be worth a look. John Fitch was a successful driver who drove the action sequences for Douglas, this one was filmed at Monaco.

This website and article about the film are interesting;

The Racers

Photo Credit…

Erde ‘Automobile Year’