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This is ‘Vespa House’ just around the corner from my joint in Johnston Street, Collingwood in Melbourne’s inner east…

I’m a fan of street art and always get a lot of pleasure from the work of urban artistes near me. I love the whole Vespa culture thing too, i think its about time i bought one.

The development of Australian inner cities is nowhere near as dense as most of those of Asia and Europe, fundamentally its a thing of the last 20 years. Before then most of us lived on quarter-acre suburban blocks. Post kids many of us have ‘moved in’,  i’m one of those schmucks clogging up our inner city roads. Mind you, i’m only 3 km from Melbourne’s GPO so i get around on foot, by train and especially tram. Melbourne’s ‘Myki’ is London’s ‘Oyster’ card and works pretty well.

Still its time for a Vespa too i reckon…

Click here for an interesting article on the post war rise and rise of the charismatic ‘Wasp’;


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M Bisset