Dan Gurney: Monsanto Park,Lisbon,Portuguese GP 1960: Ferrari Dino 246 F1…

Posted: July 21, 2014 in F1, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Dan Gurney heading for third place in his Ferrrari Dino 246 despite running up Trintignants’ chuff…

The organisers moved the race from Oporto to Monsanto Park, Lisbon, the circuit also very dangerous, there were tram tracks, uneven surfaces and plenty of telegraph poles to hit.

Brabham was saved by one of said poles. Having spun avoiding a twice lapped car, a pole saved him from going down a ravine, but spat his Cooper T51 back onto the circuit, he was then thrown out of the cockpit and nearly mown down by teammate Masten Gregory zipping past at the time…he always rated that prang his greatest escape.

Tony Brooks in a Dino was 4 points adrift of Brabham in the drivers championship at that stage, the margin he won the title from Brooks by at seasons end.

The mid engined era was underway, the gorgeous Dino passé, the last front engined car to win a title in Mike Hawthorns hands in 1958 and the last to win a Grand Prix, the 1960 Italian, a race boycotted by most of the teams as it was run on the Monza Banking…The Italian Race Organizers doing so to advantage Ferrari, in 1960 still racing the Dino 246 which was way past it’s useby date but still had straight-line speed, scallywags those Italians.

Moss won the race at a canter leading all the way in Rob Walkers Cooper T51 Climax…

gurney & hill

Phil Hill, Luigi Bazzi, Carlo Chiti, and Dan Gurney discuss the need for more speed at Monsanto Park, Lisbon 1959. (Getty Images)

hill porto 1960


Ferrari Dino 246 cutway showing, ladder frame, front engine layout, 2417cc 65 degree DOHC V6, 4 speed gerabox, double wisbone front suspension, De Dion or IRS at rear, this car appears to be IRS



Cooper T51 Climax cutaway showing space frame chassis, mid engine configuration, Coventry Climax DOHC 2490cc 4 cylinder engine, Cooper/Citroen 4 speed gearbox, wishbone front independent, and wishbone and leafspring independent rear suspension (James Allington/Tony Matthews)

Photo Credits…

Pinterest unattributed, Getty Images, James Allington/Tony Matthews cutaway

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