‘Fazz on Tight? She’ll Be Jake Matey!!’…

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Obscurities, Who,What,Where & When...?
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fb and fazz...

(The Roaring Season/Gearbox Grinder)

Pat Hoares’ Ferrari 246/256 V12 being towed into Ardmore for the 1961 New Zealand Grand Prix, open trailer towed by an ‘FB’ Holden…

I blew my tiny mind when sent through this post of another time and place on ‘The Roaring Season’, check it out!  One of the wonderful things about blogs and websites is how amateur shots which would never see the light of day like this ‘cache’ can now be shared for all to see.


The Ferrari is a 1958 works F1 Dino ‘0007’ raced by Gendebien, Von Trips, Gurney and Phil Hill who won the 1960 Italian GP in it.

It was converted at Maranello to 3 litre V12 ‘Testa Rossa’ power, re numbered ‘0788’ and raced successfully in NZ amongst the ‘mid-engined hordes’ and ultimately restored to its original specs by Crosthwaite and Gardiner many years ago.

NZ GP start

1961 NZ GP start, Ardmore January 1961. Jack Brabham won from Bruce McLaren and Graham Hill in works Cooper T53 Climax x 2 and BRM P48. (Gearbox Grinder/The Roaring Season)

pat hoare nz 61

Pat Hoare on his way to 7th and first of the front engined cars in the ’61 NZGP. Ferrari 246/256. In an interesting sign of the times 10 front engined cars DNQ, the first 6 finishers were mid engined, other front engined finishers were 9th Malcolm Gill in the amazing aero-engined Lycoming Spl, 11th Frank Shuter Ferrari 625 and 12th Bib Stillwell Aston Martin DBR4-300. 3 Maser 250F’s DNF’d. (The Roaring Season/Gearbox Grinder)

1961 Ardmore programme


The Roaring Season/Gearbox Grinder, Barchetta, Stephen Dalton Collection

  1. graham64 says:

    A very, very historic car – the last front-engined car to win a Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix.

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