Pat Hoare’s Ferrari 256 V12 at the Dunedin Road Race 1961…

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(Allan Dick)

Pat Hoare’s Ferrari has 4 wheels ‘off the deck’ at Dunedin, New Zealand in 1961, Shell ‘Servo’ and Vanguard in the background of this road circuit…

Allan Dick ‘You might find it interesting to see what road circuits were like in NZ…its Pat Hoare in the Ferrari that Phil Hill won the Italian GP at Monza in 1960 (in 246 Dino guise). It was fitted with a 3 litre V12 Testa Rossa engine, the noise it made gave grown men erections.’

‘Is there a single wheel on the deck here? After 2 seasons Hoare was going to buy a Shark Nose Ferrari 156 F1 car and power it with a 2.3 litre V6 engine. The deal was done, but he couldn’t sell this car and eventually converted it into an awful looking road going GT’.

The 8th Dunedin Road Race was contested on 28 January 1961 and won by coming star Denny Hulme’s Cooper T51 Climax from Hoare and Angus Hyslop who was also Cooper mounted, a T45 Climax but 2 litre as compared with the 2.5/3 litre engines of Hulme/Hoare.

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ferrari butt

Another shot of the Fazz’ tight little Italian rear. Love the big exhausts for the Testa Rossa 3 litre V12, delicate aluminium reliefs to allow the exit of air, most fuel in ’60 spec cars in pannier tanks amidships, rather than rear tank to centralise weight distribution. Koni shocks. ’60 spec rear suspension independent by upper and lower wishbones rather than De Dion fitted originally to Dinos. Propshaft low on the right of the cockpit. Ohakea NZ 1961. (Barry McBride Collection/The Roaring Season)

dunedin circuit map

Dunedin Oval Circuit. (

hill, monza

Italian GP grid Monza, September 1960. Phil Hill closest to camera in the winning Ferrari 246 Dino ‘0007/0788’. #18 is Richie Ginther 2nd and Willy Mairesse 3rd in similar cars. Ferrari routed the opposition, the Brits boycotted the event on ‘safety ground’ when the Italians chose the combined road/banked circuit to maximise the chance of a Ferrari win, the powerful engines of the Scuderia’s cars their trump as they struggled against the nimble Coopers and Loti’. The last front-engined GP win. (Archie Smith)

Full Race Record of Ferrari Dino 246/256 ‘0007/0788’…

Words and Photo…Allan Dick, additional photo Barrie McBride Collection/The Roaring Season, circuit map, Archie Smith


Doug Nye ‘History of The GP Car 1965-85’,

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