‘The Jim Clark Room’ by Stephen Dalton…

Posted: May 25, 2015 in F1
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Jim Clark Room 01

The name Jim Clark is synonymous as one of motor racing’s greats, whether dancing a Border Reivers D Type in his early career through to the brilliance soon established with Colin Chapman’s Team Lotus. Tasting success with the marque’s many facets of motor racing – be it Elite, Elan, Lotus Cortina, Formula Junior, Tasman, Indy and Formula One & Two.

This man was born to race, despite his humble Scottish farming background and quiet demeanour. His talents took him racing all over the world be it for Formula 1 or Tasman Series in far off New Zealand or Australia during his own northern hemisphere’s cold and miserable winter period. It all came to a very abrupt ending on April 7, 1968 when despite the known dangers of the sport, the unthinkable became reality that Jim Clark was dead.

A huge talent lost at 32 years of age. News Services weren’t as instantaneous as they now are. So it took a little while to filter the news of his passing around the motor racing globe. It would have been a shock to a young enthusiast listening to a transistor radio or one of Jim’s contemporary drivers’ having a News Service thrust a microphone in front of them for a comment on his passing for their news broadcast.

Jim Clark Room 02

The modest Duns building home of ‘The Jim Clark Room’

Testimony to Jim’s greatness is that despite the passage of 47 years he’s still remembered so fondly. Not least in Duns, in the Berwickshire district of Scotland where ‘The Jim Clark Room’ displays many trophies, photos and memorabilia of the district’s World Champion farmer…

Scarily it is approaching 21 years since I made the journey to Duns to pay homage to the great Jim Clark. It was late August 1994 and with the growth of technology you can do a virtual viewing of the room here. http://www.itv.com/news/border/update/2015-05-15/celebrating-the-life-of-racing-legend-jim-clark/
With there being Jim Clark celebrations in Duns, over the weekend of May 16 and 17 2015.

See this footage of the event including Jackie Stewart and Alan McNish comments.  http://www.itv.com/news/border/update/2015-05-17/remembering-jim-clark/

However in the olden days of 1994 I took some photos. The gent who was minding Jim’s treasures that day was keen to show me that another great of the sport had been to Duns to pay his respects. That great, was fellow F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna. Who had at that time of my visit, been killed just under 4 months earlier at Imola.

Maybe just a bit too ironic…

Jim Clark Room 03

Artwork of a great motor racing champion

Jim Clark Room 04

A selection of photos and trophies depicting Jim’s many successes adorn the walls and cabinets within the room

Jim Clark Room 05

The JCR vistors’ book – Ayrton Senna visited on February 23, 1991

Jim Clark Room 06


Article written by and photos from the collection of Stephen Dalton

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