Jaguar C Type ‘XKC037’…

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Sports Racers, Who,What,Where & When...?
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fm c type leatons servo

(John Ellacott)

Frank Matich, Jaguar C Type, Leaton Motors forecourt, Kinsgrove, Sydney 1958…

One of the wonderful things about this blog are the folks I have met along the way; racer heroes like Kevin Bartlett, John McCormack and Bruce Allison. Those with archives such as Martin Stubbs and Stephen Dalton who has been an invaluable researcher and more recently written an article or three. Also generous photographers Rod MacKenzie, David Blanch, Lindsay Ross, Ian Smith, Dick Simpson and here John Ellacott.

The C Types current custodian, John Corrie saw his car on the blog and with some help from Stephen put me in touch with John Ellacott, whose work always blows my mind. Here is another of John’s shots given to Corrie to complete his archive of the car. It’s of the late, great, recently departed ‘Frantic Francis’ Matich looking youthful and debonair in flat hat aboard ‘XKC037′ out front of Leaton Motors workshop in 1958, such an evocative period shot isn’t it?!

Leatons’ are a story in themselves; the Sydney business formed by George Leaton and Joe Robinson in 1959 were supporters of many racers including Matich who raced their C Type Jag, a D Type and Lotus 15 Climax in his early years; the years in which he became a Pro.

I wrote this article about ‘XKC037’ in August last year but have ‘freshened it’ with a lot of new shots, click on the link to have a read.

leatons ad

Suitably politically incorrect Leaton Motors Ad circa 1960. (Stephen Dalton Collection)


John Ellacott, Stephen Dalton


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