2015 British Grand Prix, Silverstone…

Posted: July 7, 2015 in F1
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Lewis Hamilton from Nico Rosberg. Mercedes Benz F1 W06. (Motorsport/LAT)

Mark Hughes report of the race for Motorsport…

‘It was a time for keeping your nerve, when the British weather was holding the crowd’s race-leading favourite Lewis Hamilton hostage to fortune. The rain had arrived on around lap 35 of the 52-lap race – after Mercedes’ raw pace had got Hamilton ahead of the faster-starting Williams that ran much of the first stint in a tense, internally stressed 1-2 with the Mercs tight in their wake – but awkwardly it was only falling at selected parts of the track…Was Hamilton lucky in the timing of a new, heavier rainfall just as he had pitted to avoid being devoured by Rosberg? With the whole track suddenly wet just as he’d stopped, leaving Rosberg consigned to a slow in-lap on slicks, it was the winning of the race for Hamilton. Just as the weather had put what would otherwise have been an assured victory in jeopardy, so it ultimately rescued him from the dilemma it had created.’



Lewis Hamilton, winner of the 2015 British GP. (Motorsport/LAT)

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