Stuart’s Cooper…

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Fotos, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Stuart Lewis-Evans with the assistance of Tony Harris lowers his Cooper Mk V from the roof of his ‘Landy’ at Crystal Palace in 1956…

It looks as though the most tricky part of a race meeting with this set up was actually getting the racer to the meeting and safely onto the Paddock terra-firma!

Lewis-Evans was one of the many stars spat out of 500cc/F3 and within a couple of years was into Grand Prix racing in a career which promised much but was cut short by the tragic accident which took his life at Ain Diab, Morocco in 1958.

I wrote an article a while back about these fabulous air-cooled Coopers which is worth a read if you have not seen it.

Photo unattributed.

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