Spa 2014…

Posted: September 5, 2015 in F1, Fotos
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spa 2014


The ‘Old Majestic circuits’ still afford talented photographers a great canvas on which to display their talent…

Spa is one of them. Sure the backgrounds aren’t as good; trees are more distant, stone walls, chateaux and so on lacking but then driver safety is paramount. The ‘snappers’ can’t get as close either, again this is a good thing as occasionally, i remember a poor bloke at Albert Park, photographers have been killed as well.

Daniel Ricciardo won this race, his third and last win in a year in which he comprehensively blew-off Sebastian Vettel. Daniel extracted the most from the complex new generation cars with their energy recovery systems incorporated in the 1.6 litre turbo-V6 mix. Petite Prix rather than Grand Prix cars?…

riccardo spa

Daniel Riccardo, Red Bull RB10, Spa 2014.

Photo Credit…Getty Images



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