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(Susan Wood)

The expressions on the faces of this lot are priceless! G Hill and fans sussing out a Hawker Harrier Jump-Jet maybe…

The showstopper at the Australian Grand Prix every year is the McDonnell Douglas FA18 Hornet, it always rather puts the performance of F1 cars and their ‘spectacle’ into context!


Red Bull and Hornet, AGP pre-promotion 2014 (RAAF)

I’ll never forget the first year in Adelaide, 1985 on the Thursday when a General Dynamics F111 fighter flew unannounced at ‘treetops height’, fast whilst we were strolling through the parklands. We hit the deck quicker than a Viet-Cong guerrilla, shouting ‘whatt the faaaaaaark wozzitt??!!’ as it roared past in the direction of North Adelaide.

The Graham Hill photo Getty Images caption is typically useless, it’s dated 1 January 1970, the circuit unidentified, praps one of you Poms can help?!

It’s either the ’69 or ’70 British GP I guess, ’69 at Silverstone maybe, the non-championship F1 races wouldn’t rate a Harrier?


Hawker Siddeley P1127 prototype at Farnborough Air Show on 10 September 1964. Amazing V/STOL, vertical short take off and landing technology. The plane entered production as the Hawker Jump Jet (Victor Blackman)


Susan Wood, RAAF

Tailpiece: Rubens, Ferrari and FA18…



spa 2014


The ‘Old Majestic circuits’ still afford talented photographers a great canvas on which to display their talent…

Spa is one of them. Sure the backgrounds aren’t as good; trees are more distant, stone walls, chateaux and so on lacking but then driver safety is paramount. The ‘snappers’ can’t get as close either, again this is a good thing as occasionally, i remember a poor bloke at Albert Park, photographers have been killed as well.

Daniel Ricciardo won this race, his third and last win in a year in which he comprehensively blew-off Sebastian Vettel. Daniel extracted the most from the complex new generation cars with their energy recovery systems incorporated in the 1.6 litre turbo-V6 mix. Petite Prix rather than Grand Prix cars?…

riccardo spa

Daniel Riccardo, Red Bull RB10, Spa 2014.

Photo Credit…Getty Images