Deacon Litz lines up his Maser V8 RI for practice prior to the 1937 George Vanderbilt Cup at Roosevelt Raceway, Long Island, New York on 5 July 1937…

All four of these 4788cc, supercharged 320bhp V8 racers ended up in the US having proved totally uncompetitive against the Mercedes Benz W25 and Auto Union V16 challenge in 1935/6.

This car chassis ‘4501’ practiced but didnt’t start the Vanderbilt Cup, at that stage it was owned by the Bradley-Martin brothers who owned horse racing stables under the name ‘Balmacaan’, it was in this name the car was entered.

The Mercedes, Auto Unions and latest Alfa’s weren’t available ex-factory so the latest Masers on paper were appealing but in reality second-hand Bugatti Type 59 or various Alfa’s would have been better bets.

‘4501’ remained in the ‘States, failing to qualify for the Indy 500 on every occasion it fronted up; in 1939, 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949 finally being ‘pensioned off’ at this point for SCCA racing…


Archive Photos

Tailpiece: Philippe Etancelin winning the 1935 Pau GP in a Maser V8 RI…




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