Jackie Stewart’s BRM P261 is pushed onto the Longford grid by Jimmy Collins and Stan Collier on 5 March 1966…

The race is the ‘Launceston Examiner Trophy’, the preliminary Longford Tasman round race, Jackie is being pushed into ‘pole’. Jackie won the main race, the ‘South Pacific Trophy’ on the Saturday from his teammate Graham Hill and Jack’s Brabham BT19 Repco, the new ‘620 Series’ V8, 2.5 litres in Tasman spec having its third race gearing up for his successful world championship assault that year.

For the BRM boys it would be a more character building year, mind you, Jackie took a great Monaco GP win in his nimble 2.1 litre P261 against the new 3 litre GP cars…


Spencer Lambert, Doug Nye, Ray Bell, Tasmanian Motorist Magazine

  1. Mark, if the photo relates to the Examiner it’s Saturday, 5/3/66 and the South Pacific Tasman race was Monday the 7th. Long weekend for Tassie and no races Sunday.

    Do you mean Spencer James Lambert in credits?

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  2. graham64 says:

    “Tasmania’s Largest Selling Motor Magazine”

    Probably the only Tasmanian motor magazine!

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