Hawthorn’s Lotus 11…

Posted: September 4, 2017 in F1, Obscurities, Sports Racers
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hawt hill

I don’t think of Mike Hawthorn as a Lotus driver but here he is with Graham Hill, rather similar in age, they were both born in 1929…

Amazing really, grafter Hill worked hard to get into motor racing, his GP career started not long before Hawthorn’s finished and went well into the 1970’s, not to forget Graham’s Le Mans and Indy wins of course. Mike’s racing entree was smoothed by his fathers wealth, it’s intriguing to guess what he may have achieved had he raced on into the 1960’s and applied his considerable skills to Chapman’s works of Lotus art.

Both Hill and Hawthorn are English to the core albeit completely different charcters. And personalities they certainly were. It’s a wonderful shot.


Hawthorn, Lotus 11 Climax, Oulton Park, Cheshire April 1955 (Popperfoto)

The event or reason for the Hill/Hawthorn shot is unrecorded but dated 12 April 1956 as is the photo of Hawthorn with Stirling Moss below. Its dated 11 May 1953, i am interested if anybody can assist with the places and occasions…

hawt moss


Getty/Manchester Daily Express, Popperfoto

  1. Ken Collins says:

    It seems unlikely that 11th May 1953 is the correct date for the Moss/Hawthorn photo, as that was a Monday. However, on 9th May Hawthorn won the International Trophy at Silverstone and the Sports car race, both in Ferraris. Moss was also at Silverstone that day, appearing in a Cooper Alta (presumably in the International Trophy) and in the 500cc F3 race (and possibly in other races). There is also a photo in the Guy Griffiths archives that shows a nearly identical shot to the one in your post, but has Hawthorn holding three (!) trophies for the Silverstone races dated 9 May ’53.

    • markbisset says:

      Many thanks, I think you have solved the mystery of both shots- they are from the Getty Images archive where the dates are often the publication date, not necessarily the event date itself.
      Thanks for chasing them up very much.

  2. Ken Collins says:

    As for the Hawthorn Hill photo, Hawthorn finished 4th in the British Empire Trophy at Oulton Park in Ivor Bueb’s Lotus 11 on 14th April 1956 (Colin Chapman finished second in a works Lotus 11). Graham Hill was at that time working for Lotus (either in the stores or selling cars and two weeks later on 29th April, he got to drive the works Lotus 11 at Brands Hatch), so the photo you show was probably associated with the build up to the Empire Trophy Meeting.

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