(Q Miles)

Doug Cavill or perhaps Bill Reynolds races his Austin Healey 100-6 based Prad Healey at Lowood, Queensland circa 1959…

The car was a new one on me, quite a wild, fantastic looking machine, the modifications to the body were made by Jack Pryer and Clive Adams- the Prad boys in Sydney whilst the engine was breathed upon by racer/mechanic Bill Reynolds. Cavill- the Surfers Paradise ‘main drag’ Cavill Avenue was named after his father Jim Cavill- was a successful estate agent and had the readies to fund this interesting car.

Quentin Miles has been progressively uploading some photographs taken by his late father on Bob Williamson’s ‘Old Motor Racing Photographs – Australia Facebook page- check it out, this is a beauty despite the ravages of time to the negative.

Patrick Quinn wrote an article about this interesting car published in the Victorian Austin Healey Owners Club magazine ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ in 2013 which is reproduced below. The ‘restoration’ of the car is a shame, tragic really.


Quentin Miles, Patrick Quinn, ‘Hundreds and Thousands’



  1. shaneb234 says:

    Hi Mark, the correct spelling is Jack Pryer. Pryer & Adams = PRAD.

    Regards Shane

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Shane,
      Clever boys, will correct the name.

      • Brad says:

        Hi guys..
        I still have the original screen and rear head rests and other bits off this car.
        My father use to own this car.. Do we know who owns this car these days..
        As I know it was put back to an original Healey ..
        Thanks ……

      • markbisset says:

        Thanks for getting in touch Brad,
        Its such a shame it was converted back…afraid I don’t know any more than when I wrote the piece, it might be worth enquiring of one of the Australian Healey clubs, no doubt the car is well known within their community.

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