Beach Baby…

Posted: January 9, 2019 in Fotos, Sports Racers


Or Beach Buggy, more specifically?…

The CMS VW buggy of George Geshopoulis in this group of four cars has been rounded up by one of the fastest cars in Australia at the time, Bob Jane’s 4.4 litre Repco-Brabham V8 engined Elfin 400, a racer I wrote about a while back;

Its a typically varied country race meeting grid of the day, 1968, on this occasion at Hume Weir close to the Victorian/New South Wales border towns of Wodonga and Albury. Here is the Hume Weir story;

The other cars shown are the Warwick De Rose Lotus 11, having difficulties with one of his doors, and the John Sheehan Geneer Outlaw VW at the rear of the group.

Australian Formula Vee enthusiasts will recognise CMS and Geneer as Melbourne constructors of Vees. I was aware of the Outlaw sporties, attractive little cars, but not that CMS made beach-buggies- which were big at the time constructed on shortened VW chassis’.

Maybe Janey, with a short set of ratios in his Hewland DG300 would have seen 130 mph at the Weir but no way the CMS would do 80, so the closing speeds and differential of pace are not to be sneezed at.

In any event, it’s a cracker of an amusing shot of a time and place long ago.


Dick Simpson/ – Lindsay Ross, Duane De Gruchy

Tailpiece: Geneer Outlaw…

The Geneer’s were built by Barry Coutts in East Burwood, not too far from where I used to live, about 15km to Melbourne’s east. About 30 are thought to have been constructed between 1960 and 1967 with a range of VW, and the occasional Porsche engine inserted in the rear of the multi-tubular spaceframe chassis. Very interested to hear from an owner.


  1. Barry Pritchett says:

    Just saw your Hume Weir post with the Geneer at the back of the group. To my knowledge there are are approx 5 or so Geneer Outlaws still existing but only one complete that runs which is mine. Coincidentally I run No. 41 Do you know if John Sheehan is still around? Regards Barry.

    • markbisset says:

      Hi Barry,
      No idea Barry re John Sheehan. How many Outlaws do you think were built?

      • Barry Pritchett says:

        Hi Mark,
        The number varies depending who you talk to but around 30 is the guess. As with all kit cars not many were actually built and with your photo added I have or seen pics of 5 or 6 complete cars. Besides mine (plus an original spare chassis/body that was never built that I have, I’ve seen 2 other bodies so total of 10 maybe. The 30 No. may have been invented by Barry Coutts to get to race in the production car class in the day. But Cams wont issue me a Prod Group S log book when I tried a few years ago. It has a Group M log book which I raced it with ages ago.
        Regards Barry

      • markbisset says:

        Many thanks for that,
        Such an interesting car too, enjoy it!

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