Foley’s GTAm…

Posted: January 7, 2019 in Fotos, Touring Cars
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(G Ruckert)

‘Brian Foley in the Alfa Romeo GTAm nicely on line as he exits The Karrussell, Lakeside 18 April 1971’ wrote photographer Graham Ruckert…

This is about as natural a setting, devoid of signage and the visual clutter typical of racetracks by the early seventies you could hope for to capture surely one of the most beautifully proportioned and delicately toned Touring Car racers ever?

Foley’s ex-works car in its various incarnations is very well known to Oz enthusiasts, I’ll get around to writing about it again one day- I first did so in an Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia magazine circa 1978! About time to do so again, thankfully the car is still in Australia, in Melbourne’s east and in the very best of Alfista hands too.

Photo Credit…

Graham Ruckert

  1. Colin Devaney says:

    Hi Mark

    I would love to help you with the Alfa story

    I was Brian’s Mechanic and I built the Porsche and the Alfas for him


    Colin Devaney.

    [Colin James on Facebook]

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Colin, would be great to get your involvement in all of the nitty-gritty of the build of both cars. My number is 0419 332342, give me a yell. I’ve a few promises to keep to a few others first but would be great to have a chat!

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