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(G Ruckert)

‘Brian Foley in the Alfa Romeo GTAm nicely on line as he exits The Karrussell, Lakeside 18 April 1971’ wrote photographer Graham Ruckert…

This is about as natural a setting, devoid of signage and the visual clutter typical of racetracks by the early seventies you could hope for to capture surely one of the most beautifully proportioned and delicately toned Touring Car racers ever?

Foley’s ex-works car in its various incarnations is very well known to Oz enthusiasts, I’ll get around to writing about it again one day- I first did so in an Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia magazine circa 1978! About time to do so again, thankfully the car is still in Australia, in Melbourne’s east and in the very best of Alfista hands too.

Photo Credit…

Graham Ruckert


(Rolling Road)

Jim had a great weekend, he knocked off the V8’s and won the ‘AJC Trophy’ round 5 of the 1970 Australian Touring Car Championship on 12 July…

Allan Moffat’s Trans-Am Mustang was on pole but he spun on the first corner taking out Pete Geoghegan’s Mustang and Brian Foley’s 911S, McKeown took the win. Outright contender, Norm Beechey’s Holden Monaro lost a rear wheel, Bob Jane’s Mustang was second and Bill Brown, 911S finished third-fast, robust, reliable beasts 911’s…


Foley in the WF paddock, ATCC round 1970 (Rolling Road)

The ex-factory specification of these cars is infinitely variable to special order and in summary comprises…

Engine; six cylinder, horizontally opposed ‘boxer’, SOHC two valve, 2247cc. Compression ratio 10.3:1, three 46IDA Weber carbs, Marelli distributor, bigger valves and polished inlet and exhaust ports giving circa 240bhp @ 8000rpm.

Five speed gearbox with ‘slippery’ diff, external oil pump, cooler and vast array of ratio choices The body was lightened by deletion of bumper over-riders, rubber locks, simplified interior, wings widened and the front bumpers were made of fibreglass.

Wheels; 7 and 9 inches front and rear in width, 15 inches diameter.

For those with an interest in these cars attached is a link which shows you the factory options for both the 1970 911 and 914-6 and later 3 litre Carreras, wallet size the only limiting factor;

(D Simpson)


Brian Foley on the way to third place during the 26 July 1970 Lakeside Australian Touring Car Championship round- Norn Beehey won in his Holden Monaro GTS350 and Bob Jane was send in his Shelby built Ford Mustang. Hasn’t Dick Simpson caught the car superbly, Foley dancing the car right on its toes.

At the opening championship round at Calder (below) in March Foley and McKeown had a fantastic tussle for second place which was resolved in Brian’s favour- up front Allan Moffat’s not quite twelve months old KarKraft/Bud Moore Ford Mustang Trans-Am took the win. Bob Jane was fourth, then Bill Brown’s 911S fifth and Bill Fanning’s Lotus Cortina Mk1 sixth.

Brian Foley in the right-left wiggle off Calder’s back straight (J Lemm)


Foley from McKeown in the battle for second place- onto the back straight (R Davies)


Foley, McKeown Calder dice from the rear heading into front straight (R Davies)

Lynton Hemer (below) catching Foley on the hop and committed coming down The Dipper at Mount Panorama, Bathurst, Easter 1970- ATCC round.

Beechey won this encounter from the Pete Geoghegan and Bob Jane Mustangs.

(L Hemer)

This is a beauty, its twelve months hence- the June 1971 ATCC round at Mallala- the South Australian Touring Car Championship race which was won by Bob Jane’s big, booming seven litre Chev Camaro ZL1 from Pete Geoghegan’s and Allan Moffat’s Mustangs.

Foley and McKeown were still at it but by this stage Brian was racing an ex-works 2 litre Alfa Romeo GTAm whilst McKeown was still running his 911S. Foley made the change to the Italian coupe as he had opened an Alfa Romeo Dealership in Sydney- KcKeown was fourth and Foley fifth.

(J Lemm)

Recently the ex-Foley 911S/T, both the Foley and McKeown cars were fitted with factory S/T kit of goodies has been restored by Melbourne’s Ian Henderson.

These shots are of the cars appearance at Phillip Island in March 2016. Use of the period Chesterfield Racing transporter is a nice touch!
















The Rolling Road, Dick Simpson, Nigel Watts, Mike Jacobson of Spyder Automobiles for the information on ex-factory parts, John Lemm, Robert Davies

Tailpieces: McKeown and Brian Foley in 911S’ doing the wheel lifting 911 thing, Energol Corner, Oran Park 1970…


(Nigel Watts)

McKeown at the 1970 Bathurst ATCC round, fourth in the race won by Beechey’s Holden HT Monaro GTS350.


(Dick Simpson)














McKeown and Brian Foley in 911S’ doing the wheel lifting 911 thing, Energol Corner, Oran Park 1970.