Jim McKeown, Porsche 911S, Warwick Farm 1970…

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Sports Racers, Touring Cars
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(Rolling Road)

Jim had a great weekend, he knocked off the V8’s and won the ‘AJC Trophy’ round 5 of the 1970 Australian Touring Car Championship on 12 July…

Allan Moffat’s Trans Am Mustang was on pole but he spun on the first corner taking out Pete Geoghegan’s Mustang and Brian Foley’s 911S. McKeown took the win. Outright contender, Norm Beechey’s Holden Monaro lost a rear wheel, Bob Jane’s Mustang was 2nd and Bill Brown 911S 3rd. Fast, robust, reliable beasts 911’s…


Foley in the WF paddock, ATCC round 1970 (Rolling Road)

The ex-factory specification of these cars is infinitely variable to special order and in summary comprises;

Engine; 6 cylinder boxer, SOHC 2 valve, 2247cc, comp ratio 10.3:1, 3 46IDA Weber carbs, Marelli distributor, bigger valves and polished inlet and exhaust ports giving circa 240bhp @ 8000rpm

5 speed gearbox with slippery diff, external oil pump, cooler and vast array of ratio choices

Body lightened by deletion of bumper over-riders, rubber locks, simplified interior, wings widened, front bumper fibreglass

Wheels; 7 and 9 inches front and rear in width, 15 inches diameter

For those with an interest in these cars attached is a link which shows you the factory options for both the 1970 911 and 914-6 and later 3 litre Carreras, wallet size the only limiting factor;



Recently the ex-Foley 911S/T, both the Foley and McKeown cars were fitted with factory S/T kit of goodies has been restored by Melbourne’s Ian Henderson.

These shots are of the cars appearance at Phillip Island in March 2016. Use of the period Chesterfield Racing transporter is a nice touch!












McKeown at the 1970 Bathurst ATCC round, 4th in the race won by Beechey’s Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 (Nigel Watts)

Credit: The Rolling Road, Dick Simpson, Nigel Watts, Mike Jacobson of Spyder Automobiles for the information on ex-factory parts

Tailpieces: McKeown and Brian Foley in 911S’ doing the wheel lifting 911 thing, Energol Corner, Oran Park 1970…


(Dick Simpson)















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