Currumbin Hillclimb, Gold Coast…

Posted: September 30, 2019 in Fotos, Obscurities, Who,What,Where & When...?
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(J Wright)

Competitors assemble for a Queensland Motor Sport Club’s Currumbin Hillclimb circa 1960…

Most east coasters will have holidayed on Queensland’s Gold Coast, visited the Currumbin Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary and no doubt had a surf on the beach close by. Currumbin is 20km from Surfers Paradise and a ‘drop kick’ from Tweed Heads- the Queensland/New South Wales border.

This venue has proved a bit of a mystery though.

I popped an article on Lakeside circuit up last week but was uncertain about the photograph above given the wise owls of The Nostalgia Forum could not reach a consensus on where it was. A very rare occurrence i might add. I then uploaded the photograph onto the primotipo and Old Australian Motor Racing Photographs- Australia Facebook pages. The Lakeside article is here;

After four or five days and 8,027 hits/views Quentin Miles is the ‘winner’ with photographic evidence to back up his nomination of place- Currumbin.

Porsche 356 on full assault. Note the corner marshal in safety overalls and the sea in the distance (B Miles)


(B Miles)

Information about the venue is scarce- do get in touch if you know about the interesting venue or ran there, it would be great to identify the stretch of road used. Racer Dick Willis believes the roads used were for a housing estate and that the Gold Coast club got some events in before the influx of residents precluded further use.

In Quentin’s case his father Bill attended a meeting and took these shots- its not the first time i have used the late Bill’s great material.

Several folks have identified the red ‘Rice’ trailer in the opening shot as ‘Autoland’- one of Bob Janes enterprises. Contained therein is Bob’s voluptuous Maserati 300S. Its a long way from Melbourne to Currumbin to contest a club ‘climb though. My theory is that Bob would have beeen racing not too far away, at Lowood and did the Currumbin event whilst in the ‘hood.

Anyway, many thanks to Quentin and do get in touch with whatever information you may have inclusive of competitors and their tools of choice.


Quentin Miles and the late Bill Miles, John Wright, Stephen Dalton, The Nostalgia Forum


Wolseley 1500 attacking the downhill right-hander, tyres mark the apex (B Miles)


  1. Owen Rob says:

    Hi Mark so do we know what is in the enclosed Rice trailer?

  2. Michael Marczan says:

    Last photo appears to be a Wolseley 1500 rather than the Austin version.

  3. Owen Rob says:

    Me again ,re the Rice trailer ,it is Jane,twice he towed the Maserati to Lowood behind his Mark 2 race car in cluding the ATCC meet where the Jaguar broke a tail shaft ,which would explain the Rice trailer being towed behind the 4 door sedan.

    • markbisset says:

      Hi Rob,
      Not so sure we do know what is in the trailer but the assumption from all seems to be the 300S. Between you and Stephen maybe we can work out the purchase date and zero in on the Lowood meetings. My AMS Collection is way too skinny to be of use. It’s great Quentin has nailed the venue next challenge is the two meeting dates- pretty sure they are different meetings- that is shot 1 is one meeting, the rest are in 1958.

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