Parramatta Park Take 2…

Posted: October 28, 2019 in Fotos, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Stan Jones, Maybach 1 and David McKay, MG TC Special at Parramatta Park Sydney in 1952’ish…

I’ve done theses fellas to death really, here; and here;

Ditto the track, which as the name suggests, was through a public park in Parramatta only 30km from Sydney’s CBD- here;

The track didn’t last long, which is sad, its very much a place I would like to have attended or raced! I’ve dropped the photos into the linked PP article too but they were too good not to put front ‘n centre given my bias in favour of the track, both drivers and their mounts!


Parramatta Park again folks- see the railway line in the background, what is the car featured though? The race programs I have are of no assistance, nor do I recognise the cars Greg Smith, John Medley, Ray Bell and Dick Willis?…




  1. William L Turnbull says:

    Wonder if McKay’s MG special was later owned by John McKinney in Toowoomba. (Power/Brown territory!)

  2. Rob says:


    William is on the money with his wondering. John Blanden’s “Historic Racing Cars in Australia” has McKay buying the TC from Dick Cobden in 1951 and selling it to John McKinney in 1954.


  3. Rob says:


    Re the mystery car No 33, I believe that this is the ex Alf Najar MG of Peter Critchley.


  4. Rob says:


    I don’t have any relevant programs, but if you look at you will see that it has the full program for the opening meeting in slideshow format down at the bottom of the page.

    This shows Critchley (MG TC Special) as No 33 and R. S. Ward (MG TC Special) as No 32. The AMS report on that opening meeting has Critchley as a starter in one race, but I could not find any mention of Ward. has bit of information about the Critchley car.


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