Max Stewart awaits the start of the Gold Star race aboard his Mildren Waggott.

In the distance is the Harry-Flatters-In-Top-Gear entry to the right-hander under Dunlop Bridge- one of the most daunting corners in Oz motor racing, alongside (below) are John Harvey, Brabham BT23E Repco on the outside, and Niel Allen, McLaren M4A Ford FVA.

Kevin Bartlett was the race favourite but had problems in practice and as a consequence started from the back of the grid- his ex-Gardner Mildren Alfa 2.5 V8 was the class of the field in 1969 as the similarly engined Alec Mildren Racing Brabham BT23D had been the year before.

Love these John Stanley shots, they have a sort of moody quality about them?

Glen Abbey is behind KB down in grid slot 10. Bartlett won the race from Max by 1.5 seconds, then Leo Geoghegan’s venerable Lotus 39 Repco, Allen’s McLaren, Glynn Scott in a Bowin P3 Ford FVA and Ian Fergusson in a Bowin P3A Lotus-Ford twin-cam.

KB won the Gold Sar comfortably from Leo and Max, taking three of the six rounds- Symmons Plains at the seasons outset, Surfers and the final round at Warwick Farm in early December.

The latter event was significant in the history of this chassis as at the Farm the Sub was fitted with the very first of Merv Waggott’s 2 litre TC-4V engines, winning upon debut. From that point the Sub was so equipped until its ANF2 phase with Ray Winter.



John Harvey on the hop in Bob Jane’s Brabham BT23E Repco 830 V8, he was out with cam-follower failure after completing 38 laps.


John Stanley



  1. Jonny'O says:

    What can I expect, an Australian driver wants to win a Tasman serie or a Gold Star ??

  2. Terry Sullivan says:

    In the very first photo, look at how far Max Stewart’s head is above the roll bar.
    Wouldn’t be allowed these days.

    • markbisset says:

      yep Terry,
      Different times. I suspect the only car of Max’s in period where he was adequately protected will be the MR5 which had a tall, and well braced roll bar. And then the T400 by which time the relevant regs were a bit more fair dinkum.

      • Lynton Hemer says:

        Between the 28th June 1970 Gold Star meeting at Oran Park and the 12th July 1970 Warwick Farm meeting, an extension was added to the roll bar on Max’s Mildren/Rennmax to raise its height to a level higher than his helmet.
        Perhaps in anticipation of potential future criticism.
        Lynton Hemer.

  3. Lynton Hemer says:

    That unattributed shot of John Harvey lifting the front left is an absolute cracker.
    Is it hinting that he has a well-honed talent for turning left ?


    • markbisset says:

      Hi Lynton,
      I dare say turning that way came naturally to him! Do you recognise the shot, afraid i lost the reference? On Max, there are quite a few shots of the Mildren Waggott with a makeshift addition to his roll hoop but the pit of tube would have avoided gravel-rash of the scone had he gone arse over tit! Its good that we got that regulation right not too long afterwards.

  4. prn31 says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’ve seen those John Stanley photos before but they really are amazing. To get that sort of access to the grid so late in proceedings is rare. In that first shot you virtually have Max’s line of vision down to the Dunlop Bridge. In these days of in-car cameras that birds-eye view is unremarkable, but back in 1969, wow….

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