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Posted: November 23, 2020 in Obscurities, Touring Cars
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(B Pottinger)

The only things missing are the chief and three screaming kiddy-wids in the back seat.

Love this fantastic shot of John Colvin’s Haitch-Arrr Holden Station Wagon X2 during a club meeting at Teretonga, New Zealand in 1967.

The HR X2 option on the new ‘186’ three-litre OHV six gave only 145bhp, 5bhp more then the similar twin-Stromberg carb equipped ‘179’ X2 of the fugly predecessor HD.

Me dad had turd brown HD and blinding white HR wagons but ole’ Pete never developed slip-angles like this on the Great Ocean Road.



Bill Pottinger, gallery.oldholden.com




  1. bill HOLLINGSWORTH says:

    The first car I ever saw on a race track was Charles Ivey’s X2 HD Holden Premier that he had driven from Hobart to race at Symmons Plains in 1965.

  2. Tony Shepherd says:

    Hi Mark.

    Well this brings back some good memories. This was the exact car/wagon in aqua blue that I was taught to drive. The driving instructor was a crusty old guy who loved his X2. He placed a thick dense sponge under the gas peddle to avoid too much gas on the start. I was most pleased when I graduated to no sponge! The three on the tree was like rowing a boat, but the power was there. What a great first car to take lessons. Thanks for the memories!!

    • markbisset says:

      Hi Tony,
      Yep, that stuff takes us back. For me it was mum’s Morrie 1100 and then a few pro-lessons in an orange Capri GT which i thought was a ripper car compared with the Morris!

  3. Tony Shepherd says:

    The X2 wagon in aqua green was the car provided for my initial drivers training in 1971. Three on the tree and a large dense sponge under the gas peddle to modulate the speed we could travel at the time. Also helped with the hill starts! I was most pleased when the sponge was removed later on. Thanks for sharing, such great memories from back in the day for me.

  4. convergentsafety says:

    I also have some great memories of my old HR sedan. Red with a white roof. Ended up with a very warm 192 ci and 4speed box. It was fast for its day (but not so good on the corners – understeer from hell!). Best fun was beating a (then) new 4.2 ltr V8 HQ monaro in a timed event !
    I have never actually seen one in the metal, but I believe there was also a 186S version of the HR with optional 4 speed (Opel) gearbox. In fact, I understand that some HR Premier’s were also 186S 4speeds! (Must be a rare beasts).

    Cheers !


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