Cuppa tea and a sticky bun…

Posted: December 29, 2022 in Obscurities, Who,What,Where & When...?
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F3/500cc ace Eric Brandon gets some sustenenace with some assistance from his wife Sheila before no doubt scoring another win on 18 July 1953…

Click here for an interesting article on this very talented driver;

image (GP Library)

Coopers galore! Alan Brown, Eric Brandon, Juan Fangio and Mike Hawthorn in F2 Cooper T20 Bristols before the Lavant Cup, Easter Monday 14 April 1952. This race was one of a series of performances which vaulted Hawthorn into a GP Ferrari seat in 1953.

Hawthorn won the six-lapper from Brown and Brandon and set the fastest lap.

Equally impressive was Hawthorn’s second place behind Froilan Gonzalez’ Ferrari 375 in the Formula Libre Richmond Trophy. Duncan Hamilton placed third in a Talbot Lago T26C.

And Fangio? I have one report that says the great man raced John Cooper’s Cooper T20 to a misfiring sixth place but he doesn’t appear at all in the results for the Lavanat Cup and Richmond Trophy I have. John Cooper offer the ride after Alfa Romeo failed to appear. Happy to take your advice on this one.


Walter Bellamy, GP Library


  1. Roger Clark says:

    Fangio drove in the Formule Libre Chichester Cup. I don’t know why he didn’t drive in the Lavant Trophy, which was earlier in the day. John Cooper was entered with the same racing number – allocated for the meeting – but did not start. Fangio was in England testing the BRM at the time.

  2. Iain Gordon Ross says:

    Seems the Brandon Cooper was in Australia for a time owned by Eric Glasby!
    I assume gone back overseas, looks like the seat is a modified type 400 version..
    Will send a couple of images of it at Wakefield park. when being tested after restoration.

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Iain,
      How bout that! I’m not home at present but will check my copy of Blanden’s book when I get the chance.

      • Iain Ross says:


        Happy holidays!!

        It was Ivan Glasby locally brain fade on new years day!!

        A couple of local images attached

        Note Geoff Dowdle is a mine of information on Bristol related topics. He was pit crew on the day it was tested at Wakefield park!!

        Love your work, its called car porn in our house.



  3. Iain Gordon Ross says:

    Brain fade on new years eve that should be ivan Glasby!!

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