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jack finish

(News Ltd)

Jack Brabham’s ‘go-kart’ wins the ‘Lakeside 99’ Tasman Round in February 1964…

The photographer has created a ‘turn of the century’ distorted effect, the Brabham BT7A Climax looks quite weird , the off-beat nature of the shot enhanced by the cars lack of bodywork to try and deal with the harsh, summer Queensland heat.

Brabham won the race from John Youl’s Cooper T55 Climax, Jacks ’61 F1 and ’62 Australian Internationals chassis and Bruce Mclaren’s Cooper T70 Climax.

jack water

Brabham exits the Lakeside pitlane onto the hot, steamy circuit (Peter Mellor/The Roaring Season)

By the looks of these Peter Mellor shots the lead up to the race was wet, the tropical humidity would have made the race a real endurance test.

Bruce McLaren won the first Tasman Series, with both he and Jack taking 3 wins, appropriately Bruce’s in NZ and Jack’s in Oz!

jack portrait

Brabham portrait Lakeside 1964 (Peter Mellor/The Roaring Season)

jack racing

Brabham BT7A Climax 2.5 FPF (Peter Mellor Collection)

Photo Credits…

News Ltd, Peter Mellor Collection/The Roaring Season