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Felipe Massa on the way to fourth place in his Ferrari F2012. Yeongam, Korean GP, 14 October 2012…

It’s a relatively simple panned-shot made striking by its composition in terms of background. The lines of the car are shown to rather good effect.

The class of the 2012 grid was the Red Bull RB8 Renault which took five wins in World Champ Sebastian Vettel’s hands, and two in Mark Webber’s. Vettel and Red Bull won the drivers and manufacturers titles respectively.

The F2012 was a competitive tool though. Fernando Alonso won in Sepang, Valencia and Hockenheim. It was powered by the mandated 2.4-litre V8 which developed about 750bhp at the mandated rev limit of 18,000rpm.

Lotsa mandateds in F1 these days.

Too many.

Ugly as a hatful. The F2012, not Massa and Alonso- Fiorano launch (Ferrari)


Sutton Photographics, Ferrari





Modern Grand Prix photographers have a challenge their forebears did not, that is, generally uninteresting backgrounds by the standards of, say, pre-1970, whilst noting Monaco, Spa and Singapore as modern exceptions, not the only ones mind you…

My habit over the four year primotipo journey is making article research and writing choices based on inspiring or interesting photographs. This has taken me randomly into all manner of subjects, happily so, and further back in time than I figured at the outset. It’s been good for me as ‘my strengths’ such as they exist, are post 1960 but i’ve ended up writing articles on average about topics from much earlier periods. In part the photos which have taken my fancy are as much about the background as the car or driver and based on that are most often of the distant past. I must try harder in relation to the last twenty years or so!

So I guess whilst the photographers of today have far more sophisticated, digital, whoopy-doo, trick-schmick equipment- the act of taking a photograph is ‘easier’ than in ye olden days but they have their own creative challenges composing shots of interest to we punters on what all too often are bland circuits devoid of substantial differences from one another.


Albert Park gives the ‘snappers something to work with despite its flatness- the lake, city background, crowd and trees are all neat props. So it’s with these thoughts I went looking for some interesting current shots, Albert Park 2017 in this case. 2018 with the ‘fuggin halos was just a step too far.

It’s interesting to look at the choices these photographers made in composition, panning and crop. I’ve no idea of the driver of each McLaren in shot, both helmet designs have a bit of colour on top and a bit of white below, either Fernando Alonso or Stoffel Vandoorne are good guesses! It wasn’t a great race for McLaren mind you, Alonso was out on lap 50 with a broken floor and Vandoorne finished 13th, two laps down on winner Seb Vettel’s Ferrari SF70H.

There is no such thing as a bad orange(ish) McLaren however much the MCL32 Honda was a dog. Better times are surely around the corner at the time of writing, July 2018…


Honda, McLaren




ferrari f2005

Great atmospheric shot of Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari F2005 during the Monaco Grand Prix, he finished 7th after an accident with David Coulthard, DC trying to avoid the spinning Albers Minardi, Kimi Raikkonen won the race in a McLaren…


Kimi Raikkonen on his way to Monaco victory 2005. McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes. (Coolamundo)

The Ferrari F2005 was the final evolution of a series of V10 3 litre engined cars, F1 engine regs changed to 2.4 litre V8’s in 2006.

The chassis was lighter than the F2004 and the aerodynamics evolved over the previous car. The gearbox was smaller and lighter than F2004’s, made of titanium and carbon fibre. The ‘055’ engine was essentially carried over but with mounting points changed, the challenge that year to get 2 race meetings out of the engine.

albert park

Rubens Barrichello, Albert Park, AGP. Ferrari F2005. (Coolamundo)

The rear suspension was redesigned to improve its aerodynamics and work with the cars Bridgestone tyres, and therein lay the problem of Ferrari’s season after 5 years of dominance.

The sporting regulations for 2005 didn’t allow tyre changes at pitstops. Bridgestone didn’t master the tradeoff between race long durabilty and performance so the year was fought out amongst Michelin shod teams.

Ferrari’s only 2005 ‘win’ was at the farcical US GP at Indianapolis when the Michelin shod teams withdrew from the event, or rather completed one slow lap as the tyres failed with the loads imposed by Indy’s banking during qualifying.


Ralf Schumacher beside his shagged Toyota TF105 after his huge shunt caused by tyre failure. Deja vu for the poor German who had an even bigger accident at Indy the year before in his Williams, outing him for several races. (unattributed)

A compromise proposed by Michelin to use a chicane was rejected by the FIA. This dopey decision resulted in a meaningless Ferrari ‘win’ but was otherwise to everyones’ detriment; American fans, TV audience, Michelin, the FIA and the sport…

Fernando Alonso won the 2005 Drivers title and Renault the Manufacturers’ with their Renault R25, McLaren were resurgent especially in the second half of the season, Kimi Raikkonen consistently quicker than Juan Pablo Montoya in the McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes.


Fernando Alonso in his Renault R25, 2005. Circuit unknown. (LAT)

Ferrari F2005 Technical Specs…

Carbon fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque chassis, suspension by pushrods and torsion bars front and rear. Type ‘055’ 90 degree 2997cc , 4 valve normally aspirated V10 giving circa 900bhp@19000rpm. Semi-automatic 7 speed sequential gearbox. Carbon fibre brakes. Weight inclusive of fluids and driver 605Kg.


ferrari painting

Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2005. (ChronoArt)

Photo Credit…LAT, Coolamundo, ChronoArt