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ferrari f2005

Great atmospheric shot of Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari F2005 during the Monaco Grand Prix, he finished 7th after an accident with David Coulthard, DC trying to avoid the spinning Albers Minardi, Kimi Raikkonen won the race in a McLaren…


Kimi Raikkonen on his way to Monaco victory 2005. McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes. (Coolamundo)

The Ferrari F2005 was the final evolution of a series of V10 3 litre engined cars, F1 engine regs changed to 2.4 litre V8’s in 2006.

The chassis was lighter than the F2004 and the aerodynamics evolved over the previous car. The gearbox was smaller and lighter than F2004’s, made of titanium and carbon fibre. The ‘055’ engine was essentially carried over but with mounting points changed, the challenge that year to get 2 race meetings out of the engine.

albert park

Rubens Barrichello, Albert Park, AGP. Ferrari F2005. (Coolamundo)

The rear suspension was redesigned to improve its aerodynamics and work with the cars Bridgestone tyres, and therein lay the problem of Ferrari’s season after 5 years of dominance.

The sporting regulations for 2005 didn’t allow tyre changes at pitstops. Bridgestone didn’t master the tradeoff between race long durabilty and performance so the year was fought out amongst Michelin shod teams.

Ferrari’s only 2005 ‘win’ was at the farcical US GP at Indianapolis when the Michelin shod teams withdrew from the event, or rather completed one slow lap as the tyres failed with the loads imposed by Indy’s banking during qualifying.


Ralf Schumacher beside his shagged Toyota TF105 after his huge shunt caused by tyre failure. Deja vu for the poor German who had an even bigger accident at Indy the year before in his Williams, outing him for several races. (unattributed)

A compromise proposed by Michelin to use a chicane was rejected by the FIA. This dopey decision resulted in a meaningless Ferrari ‘win’ but was otherwise to everyones’ detriment; American fans, TV audience, Michelin, the FIA and the sport…

Fernando Alonso won the 2005 Drivers title and Renault the Manufacturers’ with their Renault R25, McLaren were resurgent especially in the second half of the season, Kimi Raikkonen consistently quicker than Juan Pablo Montoya in the McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes.


Fernando Alonso in his Renault R25, 2005. Circuit unknown. (LAT)

Ferrari F2005 Technical Specs…

Carbon fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque chassis, suspension by pushrods and torsion bars front and rear. Type ‘055’ 90 degree 2997cc , 4 valve normally aspirated V10 giving circa 900bhp@19000rpm. Semi-automatic 7 speed sequential gearbox. Carbon fibre brakes. Weight inclusive of fluids and driver 605Kg.


ferrari painting

Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2005. (ChronoArt)

Photo Credit…LAT, Coolamundo, ChronoArt

b schumi and mansell

Michael Schumacher’s Benetton Ford just in front of Nigel Mansell’s Williams Renault. He took his first GP win having made his Championship debut at Spa with Jordan 12 months before…

Schumacher’s 1991 Belgian Grand Prix debut was in a Jordan 191 Ford. His Sauber Mercedes sportscar performances didn’t make it clear that ‘The Next Superstar’ had arrived but he qualified 8th and ran 4th retiring his car with clutch dramas, his brief drive was enough to convince Flavio Briatore to sign him up on the spot.

Roberto Moreno lost his Benetton seat to the German, swapping across to Jordan, Schumacher took a 5th and two 6th placings by seasons end.

1992 would be a tough year for all but Williams.

‘Active suspension’ experiments which started at Lotus with Colin Chapman tasking his engineers to explore it as far back as 1981 with the Esprit road car and in F1 from 1987 met an ‘apex’ with the Williams FW14B/15C Renault’s in 1992/3.


Nigel Mansell, Williams FW14B Renault, the dominant car of 1992, here at Spa. (unattributed)

The Patrick Head/Adrian Newey designed cars were powered by a 3.5 litre Renault V10 considered to have around 760bhp, 30bhp more than the Honda V12 by seasons end.

But the key to the cars dominance; Nigel Mansell became the first driver to achieve 9 wins, and the title that year, was the cars carbon fibre chassis which incorporated active suspension. The advance of computer technology finally allowed the exploitation of suspension actuators to deploy the system effectively.

The Williams 6 speed gearbox incorporated traction control and was of the semi-automatic type pioneered by the Ferrari 640 in 1989. The car also incorporated anti-lock braking for a time. The promise shown later in 1991 was now converted into stunning, consistent race winning pace.

Benetton B192 Ford…

b cutway

(Terry Collins)

The Benetton B192 was a conventional, well engineered, ‘chuckable’ chassis developed by Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne.

The chassis was carbon fibre, suspension by wishbones front and rear with coil spring/dampers actuated by pushrods. The gearbox was Benetton’s own transverse design 6 speed manual.

The Ford Cosworth HB 75 degree 3.5 litre V8 developed around 700bhp @ 130000rpm, well short of the Honda and Renault’s output but the car was consistently fast and ‘best of the rest’ after the dominant Williams and the McLaren with which Senna took 3 wins.

b monaco

Jean Alesi, Ferrari F92A and Schumacher collide after an attempted Schumi pass on lap 12 of the 1992 Monaco GP. Jean’s car was damaged taking him out of the race, MS 4th in the race won by Senna’s McLaren. (unattributed)

Schumacher’s 1992 Season..

b kink

MS Benetton B192 Ford, Spa 1992. (unattributed)

Schumacher was 3rd in the drivers championship in a season of speed and consistency; he took 2nds in Spain, Canada and Australia and four 3rds, his breakthrough first win was at Spa, exactly 12 months after his GP debut.

schum la source

THE classic Spa shot, MS La Source hairpin 1992. (unattributed)

In a race of changing fortunes and variable conditions good or lucky pit work put him on dry tyres at the right time; Mansell and Patrese in the other Williams chased him down but both had cracked exhausts which took the edge of their engines performance. Schumi took the win from Mansell, Patrese, his Benetton teammate Martin Brundle, Senna’s McLaren MP4/7A Honda and Mika Hakkinen’s Lotus 107 Ford.

schum alesi hakk

Remember the skid plate sparks!? L>R; Hakkinens 6th placed Lotus 107 Ford, Schumacher and Alesi’s Ferrari F92AT, he spun on lap 7 so its early in the race. (unattributed)

The Schumacher/Benetton/Ford combination took the drivers (but not the manufacturers) title in a season of tragedy and controversy in 1994, the 1992 B192 was an important stepping stone in that evolution…

b victory dais

Spa 1992 victory dais; the first of 91 GP wins. (unattributed)

Credits…Terry Collins

2001 Hungarian GP Schumacher

No-one in Schumi’s era consistently extracted more from their car and team than he did…

He raised the bar in terms of driver performance and commitment and lowered it if ‘sportsmanship’ has its place in modern professional sport/business. I like to think that it does.

2001 Season…

Schmachers’ win in the Hungarian Grand Prix was his 51st, equalling Alain Prosts’ record. It also secured his fourth world-championhip.

2001 brought a repeat of the previous year’s great results. Schumacher and Ferrari won the Drivers’ and Constructors’ title an incredible three months before the end of the season in a magnificent one-two at the Hungaroring (Schumacher from Barrichello).

It was an amazing season with nine wins (Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Monaco, Europe, France, Hungary, Belgium, Japan), 11 pole positions, 19 placings in the points with 15 of those podium positions. Ferrari finished the Championship with a total of 179 points in the Constructors’ and 123 in the Drivers’ World Championships.

f2001 ferrari cutaway

F2001 Design and Specifications…

Ferrari by this time were designing a completely new single-seater each year to keep ahead of the competition, starting with the engine, the Tipo 050, which had the same 90° vee-angle but was lighter at just 100 kg. The whole car was lighter and had been tweaked so that the regulation 600 kg minimum weight could be reached with ballast strategically positioned by the engineers around the chassis to suit the track to be raced on.

The engine is a 90° V10 Bore/stroke 96 x 41.4 mm, 2996.62 cc in total. Compression ratio 12.6 : 1 Maximum power 607 kW (825 hp) at 17,300 rpm. Valve actuation by DOHC per bank, four valves per cylinder. Magneti Marelli electronic indirect injection. Ignition electronic, single spark plug per cylinder, dry sump lubrication.Clutch multi-plate. Transmission electro-hydraulic 7-speed + reverse

The chassis was a honeycomb and carbon-fibre composite monocoque. Front suspension independent push-rod, twin wishbones, torsion bar springs, telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar. Rear suspension independent push-rod, twin wishbones, torsion bar springs, telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar.

Brakes carbon-carbon composite discs. Steering electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion. Front tyres 13”, Bridgestone Rear tyres 13”, Bridgestone.

schumi belgiam f2001 fazz

Schumacher Ferrari F2001 victorious at Spa 2001. Coulthard McLaren MP4/16 Mercedes and Giancarlo Fisichella Bennetton B201 Renault were 2nd and 3rd. (Unattributed)


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