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1997 Goodwood fos 01

I’m too much of a dinosaur to relent to going through life with a ‘Bucket List’ – but if I did – then Goodwood Festival of Speed would be on it. However, in what now seems an eternity ago, that itch was scratched…

The year was 1997 and three full days at FoS action was on the agenda. That year was the 5th running of the ‘must see at least once’ event – originally established as a one day event at Lord Charles March’s humble abode on June 20, 1993. Essentially as a method to generate some income for the upkeep of his Goodwood Estate, while including the enthusiasm he shares with his late grandfather, Freddie March for the motor vehicle.

1997 Goodwood fos 06

When you put on the show, you get to play with all the good toys. Lord March about to take the Chaparral-Chevrolet 2 for a run with Jim Hall’s team mechanic, Troy Rogers

Perhaps one shouldn’t have been surprised, given it was under British skies, that 1997 happened to be the first year rain actually intervened with the event. The rally stars such as Juha Kankkunen, Michele Mouton & Tony Pond were in their element in those conditions. Although gumboots, or ‘Wellies’ (as our Chichester friends would prefer us Aussies call them), aided by a Massey Ferguson should have been the quintessential accessories in the outfields. But the show must go on… and so it did.

1997 Goodwood fos 02

Quattro of a different kind…part of Audi’s 1930’s heritage. As would be expected of a manufacturer like Audi they produced a special press pack just for the unveiling of the restored Auto Union V16. This forms part of it.

The prime of motoring’s manufacturers were ready to exhibit their wares in both static and competition or demonstration-mode to highlight their presence to the mass of Goodwood-bound enthusiasts and glitterati alike – arriving from both spheres of the globe.

Audi brought along their newly restored Auto Union V16 Mountain climb car for Hans Stuck to run up the Goodwood drive. Not quite mountain climbing, but a sight and sound to behold. Arch rival, Mercedes Benz brought along their 1955 Mille Miglia winning 300SLR for Stirling Moss to drive in memory of the then recently departed Moss MM co-driver and motoring journalist, Denis Jenkinson.

Arguably standout that year was the fiery red Italian, Ferrari marque. Certainly so, based on their presence at the event marked with the massive statue created in front of Goodwood House – celebrating their 50 years of Maranello motoring couture with a V12 orchestra under the bonnet. Ably backed with many examples baring the scarlet tone and prancing horse insignia, with past & then present drivers’ from the Scuderia invited along to accompany the celebration.

1997 Goodwood fos 03

One way to hook an F1 Ferrari… worshipping the scarlet red Italian marque, Goodwood-style. The even more imposing Goodwood House is behind.

If that wasn’t enough to ignite the flame then perhaps the presence of Jim Hall’s Chaparrals, various Lotus F1 & Indy car’s, Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason’s BRM V16, Wheatcroft & Collier collection’s Vanwalls, or numerous Shelby Cobra, et al flowing through the grounds to be enjoyed, would.

1997 Goodwood fos 10

Period attired Tony Brooks awaits in the Wheatcroft Vanwall ‘VW9’ for Stirling Moss’ arrival to jump aboard the Collier Vanwall ‘VW5/11’ so they could both do a demonstration run together. The Vanwall’s of course testament to engine bearing magnate, Tony Vandervell’s efforts after his frustrated support during the early days of the supremely complicated BRM V16 project.

Another option was to give the cheque book a work out by making your way to the BROOKS marquee and put your hand up or nod obligingly at the auctioneer in an attempt to procure various vintage or classic sports, or racing cars. Amongst the many offerings was the ex Graham Hill/Arnold Glass BRM P48 and original Mini designer, Alec Issigonis’ ‘Lightweight special’. Then again if the budget didn’t stretch that far, various memorabilia or even fashion traders would happily liberate multiples of pound notes from you. The memorabilia traders’ certainly worked their magic on me.

1997 Goodwood fos 07

Brooks Auctions (now Bonham’s) sold the ‘Lightweight Special’ originally built in the late 1930’s by 1959 Mini designer, Alec Issigonis and his friend, George Dowson. Both drove it in Hillclimb’s and ¼ mile Speed Trials at the likes of Prescott and Brighton. That’s how ‘Issi’ met John Cooper! When built the ‘Lightweight’ was advanced with its monocoque construction, rubber suspension and cast wheels. The Heritage Museum at Gaydon in the UK’s midland’s tried to acquire the car to add to its other Issigonis artefacts, but strong bidding knocked them out and it stayed in private hands – selling for around £40,000 at Goodwood. It was soon back into hillclimbing, but damaged quite soon after. The necessary repairs to the bodywork, meaning it lost some of its long established patina.

Given the prevailing moist atmosphere for 2 of the 3 day event, the smart move would have been to stay out of the weather and procure a grandstand seat while enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of motor sport’s past and then current, rally cars, sports cars, F1 or motor cycles as they motored by. Often driven or ridden by someone famous. Some on a mission to set a Hill record, others purely as a demonstration run.

1997 Goodwood fos 11

Uniquely placed in motor sport’s history is John Surtees – championships on motorcycles and cars. Seen here riding his 1960 MV Agusta 500.

What made Goodwood special for me though was the ability to just amble around and find something to enjoy. The paddock was a special place to get up close and view, not only the very special racing cars present, but many drivers or riders. Several who carried world titles within their sport and happy to oblige an autograph or 3. For me, a copy of the Doug Nye’s ‘Cooper Cars’ book garnering notable autographs from those who took part in racing Coopers during period on track battles. Reflecting back after 18 years, several of those present that weekend are no longer with us. However fond memories of a visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed will remain. For what was even in the event’s early years’ an overwhelming 3 days hard to take it all in… but worth giving a damn good crack.

1997 Goodwood fos 05

Splish, Splash… John Dawson-Damer takes his ex Team Lotus 79 for a gingerly run along a very damp Goodwood drive. This is chassis ‘79/5’ originally run in 1979 Team Lotus Martini colours for both Andretti and Reutemann during that season. When Lotus and J-DD struck up the arrangement that his ex-Clark Lotus 32B Tasman car went back to Lotus and the 79 was delivered to him in the far more pleasing JPS scheme

This year’s FoS is happening over June 25 – 28…

1997 Goodwood fos 08

Only Barry could get away wearing his baseball cap backwards at Goodwood… After hearing Barry Sheene on Australian TV commentary for ATCC/V8 Taxis, some wags might say “What’s he doing trying to read!” Well I witnessed the relaxed Mr Sheene sitting atop this BMW in the pits, when clearly an enthusiast of his approached for an autograph of a Sheene book he had brought along. What quickly transpired was that while Barry was out winning races and busting bones on racing motorcycles, before disappearing to the warmer climates of Australia to live afterwards, he clearly was not aware of this book about himself! Flicking through it and scanning its pages as I managed to snap this photo.

A recent feature on Lord March… Note:- if you hit the paywall google ‘financial times uk lord march’ and maybe you’ll get through

1997 Goodwood fos 14

Despite Enzo not wanting to join the late 1950’s F1 GP rear engine revolution, Phil Hill won his 1961 F1 Championship in the ‘sharknose’ Ferrari 156 with the V6 engine behind the driver. So not only was Phil the first USA citizen to win F1’s highest accolade, he also goes down in history as the first Ferrari rear engine era Champion.

1997 Goodwood fos 15

Not Jimmy Clark’s 1965 Indy 500 winner, but the sister Bobby Johns Team Lotus entry.

1997 Goodwood fos 12

1997 Goodwood fos 13

The Ferrari T4 cockpit fit for a 1979 F1 World Champion. Jody was at Goodwood, here accosted by photographers

1997 Goodwood fos 09

Even in 1997 you would have struggled to get this close to Williams GP Engineering at an F1 event. One of the FW18’s used by Damon Hill in his successful 1996 season and the FW07B used successfully by Alan Jones in 1980 – both clinching World Drivers’ & Constructors’ Titles.

1997 Goodwood fos 04

The dedicated FoS officials and Ford’s then WRC weapon of choice… Juha Kankkunen’s Repsol Cossie Escort


Excepting Goodwood artwork & Audi press material, all photos  Stephen Dalton


olivier 2

Olivier Gendebien in the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 59 he shared with Phil Hill to second place in the Nurburgring 1000Km in 1959…

Olivier was an interesting driver, born in Belgium in 1924 he fought the Germans as part of the Belgian Resistance movement, joined the Britsh Army and became a paratrooper.

After the War he worked in the forestry industry in the Belgian Congo and met a rally driver, commencing his own rally career. He won the Tulip Rally with Pierre Stasse in an Alfa 1900 Ti in 1954 and soon  came to the attention of Enzo Ferrari who signed him as both a Sports Car and occasional Grand Prix driver.


Another view of Gendebiens # 4 TR at rest in the ‘Ring pits. #1 is the winning DBR1 of Moss/Fairman, #15 is the Porsche RSK 718 of Umberto Maglioli/ Hans Hermann (Pinterest)

Grands Prix…


1961 Belgian GP, Spa. Gendebien finished fourth in a Ferrari 156, behind the other similar cars of Phil Hill, ‘Taffy’ Von Trips and Richie Ginther, Hill on his way to the 1961 World Championship.Gendebiens car is painted in Belgiums national racing color, yellow, the car entered by ‘Equipe National Belge’. Less powerful than his teamamtes cars, the 156 was still a formidable weapon (Pinterest)

He competed in 15 Grands Prix, making his debut in a Ferrari 625 in Argentina 1956 finishing fifth. His best season was in 1960 at the wheel of a ‘Yeoman Credit’ Team Cooper Climax , his best results in the French and Belgian Grands Prix.


Olivier Gendebien in the 1960 British GP, Silverstone. ‘Yeoman Credit’ Cooper T51 Climax (The Cahier Archive)

Sports Car Ace…

sebring 19659

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 59, Olivier Gendebien, Sebring 1959. Gendebien shared the car with Americans Chuck Daigh, Phil Hill and Dan Gurney (Pinterest)

Whilst he was quick in a single-seater he was supreme in Sports Cars, Phil Hill the only driver who was his equal in the Ferrari Team during this period.

He first won Le Mans with Phil Hill in 1958, winning again with him in 1961 and 1962. He also won in 1960 with Paul Frere, his fellow Belgian. He won the Tour of Sicily, the Tour de France, and the Reims 12 Hour twice. Victorious also in the Targa Florio and Sebring 12 Hours thrice, he won the Nurburgring 1000Km once.

Gendebien was from a wealthy family, and under pressure to quit racing by his wife, retired after his fourth Le Mans win in 1962 aged 38. During retirement he ran a succession of businesses dying in the South of France in 1998.

targa 1962

Pitstop for the Gendebien/Ricardo Rodriguez/Mairesse Ferrari Dino 246SP, Targa Florio winners 1962 (Pinterest)

le mans 59

Le Mans 1959. The Gendebien/Hill Ferrari 250 TR 59, with Olivier sitting on the car talking to Phil Hill. Salvadori/Shelby won in an Aston Martin DBR1. Car # 15 is the Cliff Allison/ Hermanos da Silva Ramos TR . Both DNF(Pinterest)


Gendebien, left,  and Hill enjoy the spoils of their 1962 and last Le Mans victory together. Olivier retired shortly thereafter. Car was a Ferrari 330 TRI/LM. The last front engined car to win Le Mans. Hill competed well into the decade, his last international win the Brands Hatch 1000km in a Chaparral 2F in 1967. (Pinterest)



frencj gp

1959 French Grand Prix in a Ferrari Dino 246. Olivier finished fourth in the race won by his teammate Tony Brooks in a similar car. Olivier made his GP debut in a much less competitive Ferrari 625 in Agentina 1956 but still finished 5th on debut (Pinterest)


Ferrari pits Spa 1961. The 4 156 cars being prepared, Gendebiens yellow car contrasts the # 2 car of Von Trips, the winning #4 of Phil Hill, and Richie Ginthers third placed car # 6. The more you look the more you see… (Pinterest)


Same scene from the other side of the Ferrari pit (Pinterest)

bekoan butt

Belgian butt shot..rear of Gendebiens Ferrari 156, Spa 1961 (Pinterest)


Gendebien watching the Ferrari 250 TR 61 of Ireland/Moss/Fulp/Tavano whizz past. It was disqualified for illegal refuelling. Olivier finished second in a 250GTO with Phil Hill. the race was won by the Bonnier/Bianchi Ferrari Tr 61 (Pinterest)

Photo Credits…

The Cahier Archive, Pinterest

The End…


Mauro Forghieri asks Jacky Ickx about his wonderful creation on the Belgian GP grid, Spa 1970. Inboard front suspension, top rocker actuating a spring/shock, lower wishbone. Twin radius rods at rear in evidence. Single top link, and lower wishbone also used at rear. Well protected Lucas fuel injection trumpets, and low nature of engine clear (R Schlegelmilch)

Jacky Ickx awaits the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, he finished eighth amongst a fantastic battle between Pedro Rodriguez and Chris Amon on this spectacular, fast and oh-so-dangerous classic circuit in the Ardennes…

Amon left Ferrari at the end of 1969 , a team he adored and had raced for since 1967. He had been very competitive throughout in F1, Sports Prototypes, and the Tasman Series, but the Championship F1 victory he sought had eluded him.

spa 1970

Spa vista 1970 (Bruce Thomas)

Mauro Forghieri designed the all-new 312B for 1970…

The core of the design was a horizontally opposed 12 cylinder engine utilising only 4 main bearings to minimise power-sapping frictional losses. The ‘Boxer’ engine layout allowed a very low centre of gravity and cleaner airflow for the rear wing amongst other benefits.


Engine ‘Type 001’. 180 degree, DOHC, four valve, Lucas fuel injected ‘Flat 12’. Distributor, coil and Dinoplx electronic ignition. Very oversquare at 78.5×51.5 Bore/Stroke, 2991cc. 11.8:1 compression ratio, circa 460BHP at 12000RPM in 1970, rising to over 525BHP throughout the 70’s (unattributed)

Chris tested the car late in 1969, several massive engine failures convinced him to leave the team to drive a competitive car powered by the dominant, powerful and reliable Ford Cosworth DFV V8. And so it was that his Cosworth DFV powered March was beaten throughout the season by the 312B’s and in Belgium by the BRM P153 V12 of Rodriguez.

Chris’ Ferrari departure proved to be another of Amon’s poor timing decisions, his capacity for being in the ‘right place at the wrong time’ was legendary. Forghieri’s design was both reliable and fast in 1970, Ickx won three races and newcomer Clay Regazzoni one- Ferrari narrowly missed the drivers and constructors titles to Jochen Rindt, posthumously, and Lotus.

In fact the engine was brilliant, one of the greatest in F1, powering cars which took Niki Lauda (1975 and 1977), and Jody Scheckter (1979) to world titles, and in endurance form winning all the classic endurance events but the two 24 Hour races at Le Mans and Daytona. In its early form the DOHC, four valve, Lucas injected, 2991cc engine developed around 460BHP at a time the DFV developed circa 435BHP.

The chassis of the 312B was also new and whilst not a ‘full-monocoque’, the combination of aluminium reinforced space-frame tubing was very effective and forgiving to drive.

Newcomer Ignazio Giunti was the best placed Belgian GP 312B in fourth, Ickx having a variety of problems. The race was won by Rodriguez by a second from Amon with Jean Pierre Beltoise third, a further 1.43 minutes adrift, such was the pace of Pedro and Chris.

Amon set a new lap record in his chase of Rodriguez at 152MPH, but Pedro was ‘Spa fit’ having set a 160MPH lap in a 4.5 litre flat 12 Porsche 917 the week before…oh to have seen either race!

There was a chicane at Malmedy for the Grand Prix which was unused during the 1000 Km classic but all the same, 160MPH was the fastest ever lap-time of a road circuit anywhere in the world at the time.

312 b cutaway

(W Buhrer)


312 b spa

Jacky Ickx, Ferrari 312B, La Source hairpin, Spa 1970 (R Schlegelmilch)


312 b cockpit

The very cosy, comfy cockpit of Ickx’ Ferrai 312B. Lockout for reverse gear in the gated 5 speed ‘box plain to see , Momo steering wheel, Veglia instruments, just luvverly in every way (R Schlegelmilch)



An all Ford DFV powered front row at the races start: Jochen Rindt’s Lotus 49 wedged by Amon’s March 701 on the nearside and Stewart’s similar pole winner on the outside…Ickx the best of the 12’s on this ultimate power circuit on the second row (unattributed)



Out into the Ardennes Forest …Rindt from Ickx, Beltoise, Brabham in the distance and the yellow speck Peterson…Lotus 49 DFV, Ferrari 312B, Matra MS120 V12, Brabham BT33 DFV, and March 701 DFV (unattributed)


pedro spa

But Pedro Rodriguez won the day in the BRM P153 V12…over the years there have been rumours the BRM engine was ‘fat’ that day, but these have been scotched by Doug Nye amongst others. Also, Pedro was supreme at Spa and Tony Southgates’ P153 and ’71 P160 BRM’s were fast, if not always reliable race-winners (unattributed)

Photo and other Credits…

Bruce Thomas, Rainer Schlegelmilch, Illustrations by Werner Buhrer

Checkout Allan Brown’s great description of the cars and chassis by chassis history;